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Urgent Pet Care in Roseville, MN

Take advantage of prompt urgent pet care at our urgent veterinary care center the moment you notice something is wrong with your furry friend. You can’t always predict when your pet is going to become ill or receive an injury, but you can rest assured that the knowledgeable team of emergency pet care specialists at our center is always ready to help. As an urgent care center serving the area for more than 48 years, our team of vets has the skills and state-of-the-art equipment needed to handle any unexpected medical issues your pet may be facing.

Due to our cutting-edge equipment, careful procedures, and fast response times, our emergency clinic is able to consistently deliver the peace of mind you need to remain calm as we treat your pet in need. It is not uncommon for pet owners to feel unsure and scared when their cats or dogs are in need of quick medical attention. It is our goal that once you put your beloved animal into our care, you can take a breath and know that everything possible is being done to bring your pet back to his or her best health. Our passion for animals is what drives us to provide the high-quality care we give to the cats and dogs throughout our local community.

Newborn Puppy - Urgent Pet Care Roseville, MN

Emergency Pet Care—When Your Pet Cannot Wait

The sooner you are able to bring your sick pet into a clinic the better the chances are that an issue can be resolved successfully. That is why our professionals encourage you to act fast if your pet begins to exhibit odd, concerning behaviors, or needs immediate treatment for a trauma. Simply call our emergency pet care center in advance, and we prepare for your pet’s arrival. In many cases, simple observation and basic prescriptions are able to alleviate whatever is ailing your dog or cat. Sometimes, however, quick action can mitigate or even completely stop serious complications from evolving, such as fractures, seizures, and other issues.

Helping individuals properly care for their pets is exactly why we offer our critical pet care medical services. In our decades of experience, our team of veterinarians has come to appreciate the importance of early detection and intervention. Many of our patients come to our facility for wellness checkups, as well as when they are in dire need. This not only improves the quality of your pet’s life, but also lessens the costs of treating them in the long run. Do not hesitate to contact our team when your dog or cat is in need of immediate veterinary care.

Urgent Veterinary Care from a Reliable Clinic

Not every animal hospital is capable of providing urgent veterinary care to your dog or cat. Unlike our facility, they may not all have the equipment or staffing necessary to be able to take in animals for detailed services and treatments at all times of the day or night. At our emergency clinic, you can trust that our team has everything you need and the personnel on hand to get started treating your pet whenever the need may arise. From x-rays to quick wound care, our experienced vets have what it takes to patch your pup or kitty up right.

Pets quickly become like one of the family for most pet owners. That means when your dog or cat is injured or not feeling well it can have the same urgency as it would with any other one of your family members being in need of immediate attention. While we all know that a sick person can go to a hospital for treatment with little to no delay, not everyone knows that the same services are available to their pets. Our clinic’s goal is to function in the same way as an emergency room for a person. You are able to come to us at any hour of the day or night with your sick or hurt cat or dog and we will make sure that the staff is ready to begin providing the high-quality emergency services necessary to get the situation under control.

Contact us to learn more about the emergency pet care we provide. We offer our urgent care to patients located in Roseville, New Brighton, and Falcon Heights, Minnesota.