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Puppy Receiving Eye Drops - Pet Vaccinations Roseville, MN

Pet Vaccinations in Roseville, MN

Take charge of your cat or dog's future with Suburban Animal Hospital's high-quality pet vaccinations in Roseville, MN. Whether you want to protect a young kitten or puppy, or a senior cat or dog, we have the pet immunizations to protect them from a variety of diseases, some of which can prove to be fatal. Trust the experienced veterinarians at our animal hospital to determine the appropriate vaccines to give your kitten, puppy, cat, or dog.

Whether your pet prefers a life snuggled on the couch or running outside in the sun, state law requires that pets receive these treatments. Our cat and dog vaccinations inhibit the spread of diseases that lead to severe problems in your pet's immediate and long-term health. Our effective rabies vaccine also helps protect people and other animals from contracting the disease.

The Importance of Our Rabies Vaccine

The rabies virus has no cure once it has entered the bloodstream of an animal. Its survival rate is less than one percent and the effects the disease has on the animal are severe, including:

Coma • Paralysis • Aggression • Fear of Water • Hyperactivity • Hallucinations • Erratic Behavior • Hyper-Salivation • Eventually Death

Sadly, the only humane way to deal with an animal infected with rabies is euthanasia. But you can eliminate the threat of this fate from your pet's future with our rabies vaccine. Required by most state laws, rabies vaccines save the lives of thousands of animals every year. In addition, the immunization lasts for three years and is one of the least expensive vaccines available to protect your pet.

Pet Immunizations to Promote Animal Wellbeing

Every day, dogs and cats are exposed to parasites, bugs, bacteria, and viruses. Daily walks, coming in contact with both wild and domestic animals, and being exposed to debris tracked in your home gives these pathogens an opportunity to affect the health of your beloved animal. It is also important to note that very young and very old animals have an increased rate of infection.

Prevent these pathogens from infecting your cat or dog with our pet immunizations. Not only will your pet's immune system be able to fight off even the most severe of sicknesses, you will also save money in the long run on lessened medical expenses. In addition, many doggy and kitty daycare centers do not admit animals who have not been administered certain vaccinations, so schedule an appointment to immunize your pet today.

Contact us to learn more about our vaccinations. We are proud to serve Roseville, New Brighton, and Falcon Heights, MN.