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Veterinary Radiology in Roseville, MN

Are you searching for a caring animal clinic that offers veterinary radiology? Then schedule an appointment with the experienced vets. For the past 48 years, our dedication to dogs and cats throughout the area has driven us to provide the best radiology services available. Count on us when you need a dependable vet. 

Technology alone cannot identify the problems your pet is experiencing. It takes a seasoned veterinary professional to put vet radiology to good use. Rest assured, our skilled veterinarians have access to the latest technology. You can always expect accurate diagnoses and the right treatments at our animal clinic

We can identify the causes of a pet's illnesses with X-ray technology. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to diagnose problems with your pet. Other treatments are also effective and only expose your pet to negligible levels of radiation. Whether your dog or cat needs emergency treatment after breaking a bone or your pet is experiencing dental issues, our team is equipped with the technology and expertise to help your animal achieve optimal health.

Our Clinic & X-Ray - Veterinary Radiology Roseville, MN

Your Advanced Vet Radiology and Ultrasound Practice

Many pet owners don't realize how important dog and cat dental health is. With our animal X-rays, we’ll show you exactly what's going on in your pet's gums and explain how your cat or dog's wellbeing can improve with dental health. Pet radiology also identifies problems in your pet's teeth and other areas in the oral cavity that can be resolved or completely avoided with preventative measures. Do you want to learn more about the extent of our pet radiology services? Our vets will gladly sit down with you to discuss it. We enjoy educating pet owners so they can better help their dogs and cats live healthier lives.
Sometimes dogs and cats develop illnesses that can only be accurately identified by vet radiology and ultrasound, or X-rays. Many pet owners become nervous about these diagnoses, but with our animal radiology tools, our vets can clearly see every detail of your pet's condition. This makes for better administration of procedures, prescriptions, and treatments. You may rest assured that your dog or cat will receive the best care during our vet radiology screening. We also take the time to explain your pet's condition to you with the help of X-rays and ultrasonography.

Ultrasounds are as vital a diagnostic as X-rays in better assessing what cannot be seen from an external examination. The key difference between ultrasounds and X-rays is that ultrasound can reveal soft tissues and fluids in a video-like process while X-rays are great at, yet limited to, imaging dense structures and air pockets in a snapshot format. Both of these imaging services can work together in providing a more detailed picture of what might be going on in your pet including bone structures, organs, masses, and fluids.

Performing Accurate Animal X-Rays

Animal X-rays are necessary in many circumstances. There are several reasons why having your pet X-rayed may be the right decision. First, X-rays can identify fractures. Our pets cannot clearly communicate when they have a broken bone. Sometimes, it may not even be immediately obvious to the pet owner that their animal is injured. An X-ray can reveal fractures in your animal’s bones, which may occur during running, playing, or because of an accident. If a fractured bone is left to heal without any human interference, it could heal improperly, causing your animal pain and leading to a limp or other serious health problem. Our experienced veterinarians know what they’re looking for on your pet’s X-ray and will quickly identify any fractures and come up with an effective treatment plan. 

Secondly, an X-ray can be used to identify items that your pets may have swallowed. Animals are naturally curious, and may chew on and even swallow inedible and possibly dangerous items, such as rocks, plastic toys, and jewelry. These items could prove harmful to your pet and need to be removed as quickly as possible. An X-ray allows our veterinarians to see any unusual items in your pet’s digestive tract. Knowing what kind of item your pet has ingested is essential to removing it safely.

Finally, X-rays can be used to identify a range of serious health issues, including problems related to the pelvis, heart, lungs, and spine. X-rays can also identify bone conditions such as arthritis. Like humans, many animals suffer from arthritis. An X-ray can determine whether your animal does, so our vets can establish a strong treatment plan, in order to prevent them from experiencing pain and discomfort. As with all of our treatments, we use X-rays as a way of ensuring that your pet remains happy, comfortable, and in good health at all times. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for your pet. We look forward to meeting you.

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