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Woman and Her Cat - Pet Spay & Neutering Roseville, MN

Pet Spay and Neutering in Roseville, MN

Pet spaying and neutering in Roseville, MN is one of the many services that we provide to your cat or dog. Our clinic has provided this service for more than 50 years and can attest to the good it does.

Dog and cat spaying and neutering has many more benefits than helping to control pet overpopulation. These procedures prevent infections, tumors, and even deadly diseases like breast cancer. Male cats and dogs are better behaved and less aggressive after this procedure, which is easier on them and their owners. The benefits extend outside of your home as well. Engaging in population control means fewer homeless animals are being euthanized for lack of space in a shelter.

Our Clinic Is the Perfect Place for Pet Neutering and Spaying

We will gladly discuss your pets neutering or spaying surgery by preparing you with all of the information you need to know for before and after the procedure, along with any necessary pain medications and activity restrictions.

The general recovery time post operatively is 10-14 days, with most patients feeling back to themselves in just a few days.

Couple with Their Bulldog - Pet Spay & Neutering Roseville, MN