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About Us

At Suburban Animal Hospital, we specialize in the health of your pet. And, we offer a wide range of services in our clinic to do so. From wellness checks and vaccinations to diagnostics and surgery, we understand how to take care of your pet from nose to tail. Our commitment to take care of your pet in your time of need runs deep and we have many tools at our disposal to find out what’s going on through a combination of in-house bloodwork, ultrasounds, radiology, and professional expertise. And although we are well equipped to take care of your pet when they’re not at their best, our main goal is to keep them at their best. Many illnesses can be caught early on and even prevented with yearly exams, vaccinations, preventatives, and annual bloodwork checks. These preventative appointments also give importance in the opportunity to build our relationships with clients and our patients so that we can better assess health through familiarity and patterned behavior along with establishing a more positive association with the vet for your pet.

Dr. Michael Sime

Contact our clinic to schedule your pet’s preventative exam today. We welcome patients and owners from Roseville, Minnesota, and the neighboring communities.