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Allergies in Pets in Roseville, MN

Early warning signs of allergies for your pet can range anywhere from chronic scratching, head shakes, excessive licking, and biting at a localized area. Although these allergy symptoms are a huge bother to your pet that could lead to a larger problem, there are many treatment options that our veterinarians at Suburban Animal Hospital can recommend after finding the source of their itch. At the clinic, the doctor can discuss your pet’s history and get a good picture of what some of these allergic triggers might be. In addition to a thorough assessment, we can take diagnostics in the form of bloodwork and cytology which can also give us a more in-depth understanding of what might be going on.

We offer a wide range of treatment options depending on your pet's diagnosis. Some of our in-clinic solutions include:

Apoquel - A daily allergy medication that can stop itching and relieve inflammation. Effective within 4 hours and gives continuous protection for 24 hours.

Cytopoint - Injectable treatment for allergies that is effective for 4-8 weeks in keeping itching at bay.

Hills's Derm Complete - A prescription diet that works in 21 days to relieve environmental and food allergies in dogs.


Cytopoint injection for dogs Hills’s Derm Complete

Allergy Treatment

Itchy skin and recurrent ear infections can be a sign of allergic skin disease. At Suburban Animal Hospital we provide a range of options to help bring your pet relief. Whether you are looking for symptomatic treatment to calm the itch or specific allergy testing to identify the offending allergens your pet reacts to, we are here to work with you. From topical medications to the most advanced oral and injectable treatments, our clinic is prepared to meet your pet’s needs.

For further information on how to keep your pet healthy at home, feel free to contact Suburban Animal Hospital for an appointment.