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Joint Care for Pets in Roseville, MN

Joint pain is something that can creep up on your pet as they reach their older years but with proper treatment, this can be easily managed by you and your vet. Some symptoms of joint pain to look out for in your pet can range from a decrease in mobility, slower activity time, to a decreased range of motion or hesitation on a limb. Joint pain can appear suddenly or slowly progress. Both of these progressions should be discussed with your doctor as different treatment options may be dependent. Some of our most common diagnosis tools used in association with joint pain can consist of physical examinations and/or x-rays.

Dog Joint Care

Joint Health Treatment

Depending on your pet’s diagnosis, we offer a range of treatment options including less-invasive therapeutics options such as Solensia and Adequan or preventative supplements such as Dasuquin Advanced. Sometimes, these options aren’t the best course of treatment and the need for surgical intervention will arise. The good news is that we offer most common orthopedic surgeries in our clinic to get your pet back to their healthiest self.

Solensia - Injectable feline biologic that reduces pain signals caused by feline osteoarthritis.


Librela - Injectable canine biologic that reduces pain signals caused by canine osteoarthritis.

Librela- Injectable

Dasuquin Advanced - A canine and feline joint supplement that helps strengthen the cartilage matrix and reduces its regression.

Dasuquin Advanced

Adequan - Injectable canine therapeutic that restores joint function and relieves inflammation. Helps to treat arthritic joints and associated pain.

Adequan- Injectable canine therapeutic

For further information on how to keep your pet healthy at home, feel free to contact Suburban Animal Hospital for an appointment.