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Pet Exams in Roseville, MN

Just like in many other areas of life, having a plan helps when it comes to your pet’s health. Scheduling routine pet exams in Roseville, MN, with our veterinarians can save both of you from preventable emergencies. Wellness exams are essential for a healthy pet, as they prevent future disease and help prolong the lives of the animals that have them.

Pet wellness exams involve a complete physical examination of your pet and may include bloodwork, a stool sample, and urinalysis. They may include tests to help with early detection of heartworms, parasites, and kidney and liver diseases. If necessary, we might give your pet animal X-rays or vaccinations to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy for many years. Both dogs and cats need them, and in some cases, they may need immunization most when they’re young. From rabies to leukemia, vaccines save lives.

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Illnesses with Dogs & Cats

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At Suburban Animal Hospital we have the ability to utilize a combination of laboratory testing and imaging technologies to help us identify underlying illness in your pet.
In-house blood chemistry testing and urinalysis and culture are valuable tools that can provide rapid results to help guide treatment recommendations and care.
X-Rays and ultrasound are diagnostic imaging modalities that can be used independently of one another or in combination to best identify a variety of potential conditions in your pet.
Using your pets physical examination findings along with the history and clinical signs/symptoms you describe, we will best determine which tests may be indicated.

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Contact our clinic to schedule your pet’s preventative exam today. We welcome patients and owners from Roseville, Minnesota, and the neighboring communities.